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This site contains our Family Holiday and Travel photographs, links to my Road & Rail photographs, some of my novels and short stories, and some transport ticket information.

Family Photographs – this gallery is password protected but if you know the password click here.

Holiday and Travel Photographs – these are available to all visitors. If you would like to browse some of our holiday and travel photographs, click here

Transport Photographs – I started transport photography in the early 50’s and now have scanned most of my negatives and slides, including a number I have purchased over the years, which are being uploaded to fotopic.net. To go to these galleries –

Bus, Coach, Tram and Trolleybus – click HERE

Commercial Vehicles (trucks and vans) – click HERE

Railway – click HERE

5. Novels – There are currently five novels on our website (none of which has been published)

The first four go under the collective title “The Newington Quartet”. I started work on the first of these when I was still at school – it was another 40 years before the last was written. The “Quartet” refers to both the four principal characters and the structure of the books which are grouped like a musical
quartet or symphony with the slow movement second and the scherzo third. The fifth novel, which is  actually my seventh, is a derivative Victorian drama written in response to a BBC adaptation of “The Woman in White”. Like many such novels it is designed to be read in episodes.

Please note that none of the books contains lurid sex scenes, gratuitous violence or swearing – sorry!

To go to the novels –

Newington Quartet

1. Smouldering Embers – click HERE
2. The Flow of the River – click HERE
3. Castles in Vain – click HERE
4. Sunset and Sunrise – click HERE

Ruth Mottram – click HERE

6. Short Stories – I have written a number over the years, most of which may be found HERE (list of
short stories)

7. Transport Tickets – Another of my long term interests, and one that I am having to scale down, is  collecting transport tickets – mostly UK road and rail. My main opus in this field is a listing of the BR(S) NCR21 format edmondsons which were replaced by APTIS in the late 1980’s. The listing is  not complete – it is unlikely that a complete list could ever be produced – but it is reproduced here
as a guide for fellow collectors. To go to the listing – click HERE

8. You may wish to visit the mostly photographic website maintained by my son and daughter in law at redmondo.com


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